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Skim through some blog posts, read about some games our members have created, join our Facebook Group, or roll the dice and do all three! Whether you want to learn more about game design, get inspiration for your next game, or want to figure out the mechanics of RPG and board games, these resources can help guide you through your entry into this world of creativity and imagination.  


Check Out Our Games!

Get lost in the wondrous worlds our members have created. Click on the image to find out more about these games and their creators. 

Fire in the Library

Tony Miller & John Prather

Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game in which players must try their best to rescue books and accumulate knowledge. Everyone starts with tools to help mitigate their luck or change the probabilities for their opponents! Gain more tools when your luck runs out or if you take the safe route and exit the library before things get too risky. Hurry, as the game ends immediately when any one wing of the library completely burns.

Take your chances, be the bravest, and save books in Fire in the Library! -From The Publisher

Dwarven Smithy

Mike Warth

Dwarven Smithy is 2-4 player, richly themed card crafting and hand/area management card game. Players work to gain gold by utilizing limited space in their workshop. Player craft items, gain special abilities and tools using a variety of resources. Players choose to draw resources and/or guild cards but the cards can also be purchased from other players or players can purchase resources from a warehouse. Use abilities to change the rules, tools to use fewer resources in making orders or sell crafted items. From Game Board Geek



Eric Sillies

Exchange is a stock trading game of strategy and wit. Players carefully plan their strategy, phase by phase, trying to cash in big in a constantly changing market. However, playing the market is only half the battle- the only thing harder to predict than the stock market might just be the players sitting at the table with you. The one who can best match wits with their opponents will reign victorious in this fast-paced battle of social elite.  

- From The Designer

Saints and Scoundrels.png

Saints and Scoundrels

Saints and Scoundrels is a pulp-themed card game of bluffs, counter-bluffs, and a psychotic doctor. It is a casual game for 2 to 6 players. Typical gameplay is 20 to 30 minutes.

Players are private detectives on the trail of a serial killer. They’re also sabotaging each other’s investigations. One person has offered to help you – Dr. Xyko (aka Dr. Xyko the Psycho). He’s a brilliant criminal psychologist but he’s also a serial killer. He’s in jail right now so you can consult with him. But the rumor is he want to drive all of you insane. -From The Designer 

Gary Chavez

Robot Rise.png

Robot Rise!

Craig Froehle

The Ministry of Discord, an international alliance of archvillains, has an opening for a new member. Each player in ROBOT RISE! is a mad scientist hoping to earn that coveted seat (and win the game) by eliminating all the other players.

Gameplay consists of taking one action (typically playing a card), following through on the implications of that action, and then ending your turn by replenishing your hand (i.e., drawing one or more cards). The game ends when just one player has any secret lairs remaining.

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